Cute, but challenging! Don't let the cute look or super fun animations fool you, Puzzimals has thought-provoking puzzles that challenge players with each new level. The game is packed with features that we, puzzle fans, love: creative puzzles, and almost infinite combos. Players can have fun over 100 levels, combining different types of squares such as ice, wild cards, bombs, and more.


Puzzimals in the final stages of development opens registration for open beta

In development by indie game dev Diego Giacomelli from Porto Alegre (RS), Puzzimals started the registration phase for open beta. To be released soon, the puzzle game will initially be launched for Android, but iOS is also in the plans.

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  • 100 levels
  • Creative puzzles
  • Almost infinite combos
  • Cute animals



Gameplay 01YouTube

Gameplay 02YouTube

Gameplay 03YouTube


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About Diego Giacomelli

Brazilian indie game developer.
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Puzzimals Credits

Diego Giacomelli
Game designer, Unity developer and programmer
Most of the assets used in the game.
Some of the assets used in the game.
Kevin MacLeod
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