An Atari 2600 kind of game where 3 different elements are in the screen: Red, Green and Blue. In the start Red kills Green, Green kills Blue and Blue kills Red. The player can make a twist and change Who Kills Who, making Blue kills Green, Green Kills Red and Red kills Blue.


Trijam #154

Game developed in 3 hours for Trijam #154


  • Atari 2600 kind of game
  • Fast and simple gameplay.




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Selected Articles

  • The visual style of your game is so neat and striking! I love the sort of menace there is in the way the enemies creep slowly closer to the color you must keep alive. The lines tracking who is going to move where, and the way everything curves, is very neat. The concept is really interesting, and you made a great game based on it. The audio cues also work well. Great job!
  • A very nice and satisfying game!
  • This game was really crisp on the visuals! The 3D effect was nice! Audio was decent and the gameplay made me think for a second, it intrigued my brain like a good puzzle game should!
    Duppy Games,
  • Nice concept!
  • I love the concept and idea! Very creative with the visuals with the lines going through each piece. Great job!
  • It's kind of difficult to understand in the beginning, but once that step passed it's fun!

About Diego Giacomelli

Brazilian indie game developer.
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Who Kills Who? Credits

Diego Giacomelli
Game designer, Unity developer and programmer
Sprite (only one) and font used in the game.
Peter Wayne
Sound FX.