GeneticSharp - Unity3d sample

I just pushed to GeneticSharp master branch the GeneticSharp.Runners.UnityApp.

In this Unity3d project there are 3 samples:


Based on famous BoxCar2D, this sample use genetic algorithm to create car designs to overcome road challenges, as gaps, hills and obstacles.

A post explaining this sample in detail will be publish tomorrow.


The classic TSP sample, but in this we can change the cities positions while the genetic algorithm is running and see how it finds the best route.

This sample inspired this post TSP with GeneticSharp and Unity3D.

Wall builder

This sample try to build a higher wall using random initial bricks positions.

Expertimental components

In the folder _runner/Commons there are the BitStringChromosome class and some phenotype implementations. At the moment they are experimental, but I will wait the community feedback to see if they can be promote to GeneticSharp library code.

Let’s evolve!

Written on May 31, 2018