jogosdaqui - um pouco de história, open source e colaboração (pt-BR)

Muitos não sabem, mas além de programar, sempre gostei de ajudar a divulgar a indústria brasileira de desenvolvimento de jogos. Criação do jogosdaqui Em 2005, junto com mais 3 amigos, foi fundado o site jogosdaqui, que era um site especializado em falar sobre os games desenvolvidos por empresas brasileiras. Esse...
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GeneticSharp Car2D

I made an Unity3D sample for GeneticSharp inspired by amazing BoxCar2D where a genetic algorithm tries to design 2D cars to overcome roads challenges. Introduction I was always amazed by the 2D cars designed by BoxCar2D and see how genetic algorithm make new and (probably) better cars each new generation...
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Porting GeneticSharp to .NET Core

The GeneticSharp v2.0.0-rc1 is out. In this version GeneticSharp starts to support .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.6.2. Porting to Introduction Sometime ago I started to porting GeneticSharp to .NET Core and today, after more than 40 hours of work, I finally finish it. Although GeneticSharp born as a...
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Why we should avoid DateTime.UtcNow inside a Linq to Entities query?

Because we can get unexpected results! (after read this tip, will be expected results ;)) What is the diference between these two Linq queries? Query 1 var filterDate = DateTime.UtcNow; ctx.Set.Where(m => m.DateTime > filterDate); Query 2 ctx.Set.Where(m => m.DateTime > DateTime.UtcNow); The first one will generate a SQL with...
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DDD by quotes

The Eric Evans’ book “Domain-Driven Design - Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software” is like a Bible for who intend to use DDD, so, I guess that some quotes of the book can help us to validate our DDD approach. The list below is just a “check-point list”, because,...
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