Using a Sprite Mask to create a flashlight effect

When I was reading about the Sprite Mask on Unity Manual, I questioned my self "How long does it take to create a flashlight effect using the Sprite Mask?". The answer is: less than 2 minutes. You can check this by watching the video tutorial that I made showing how...
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Coding an EditorWindow to create default animations from sprites

In this tutorial, we will learn how to coding an EditorWindow that creates Animation Clips and Animator Override Controller from Sprites. Introduction Create animation clips from sprites is quite a simple operation to perform on Unity: Your browser does not support the video tag. But in many cases, you need...
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Unity Avatar Mask and Animation Layers

In this tutorial we will learn how to use Avatar Mask and Animation Layers to combine multiple animations. Introduction Imagine we imported an animated 3D model from Asset Store, in our sample, we will use the incredible robot from the free package Sci Fi Warrior PBR HP by Dungeon Mason....
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TSP with GeneticSharp and Unity3D

In this post I will show how to use GeneticSharp and Unity3D to solve the TSP (Travelling salesman problem). Introduction According to Wikipedia “The travelling salesman problem (TSP) asks the following question: “Given a list of cities and the distances between each pair of cities, what is the shortest possible...
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Function optimization with GeneticSharp

In this tutorial we will learn how to use GeneticSharp to optimize the inputs of math function and more about genetic algorithms meanwhile. Introduction I created GeneticSharp a long time ago because three main reasons: I needed a fast, extensible, multi-platform and multithreading C# genetic algorithm library to use in...
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Sending a Slackbot message from Unity3d

I was looking for a way to send a message to a Slack channel using the Slackbot API. This is a pretty easy task to perform in C#, because there are some great client libraries implementations to the Slack API, like: SlackApi, MargieBot and SlackConnector. However, in the Unity3d world...
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Creating a ConsoleMod to Buildron

In this post we’ll create a mod that adds a console window to Buildron and let you monitor its events. Our ConsoleMod will have 2 classes: ModController and Mod. ModController class ModController class will be a MonoBehaviour responsible to showing to the user a window where the Buildron events will...
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Starting a Buildron mod with a mod template

In this post I will show how to start building a mod to Buildron using a mod template. Download Download the from releases page. Unzip it in any folder. Creating the solution Open a prompt (win) or a terminal (linux/mac). Go to the folder where you unzip Type:...
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Using a FxCop badge on your GitHub repository

The use of badges on GitHub repositories helps us to promote good pratices about our code. Some amazing services like the can generate almost all badges you can imagine, but what about those badges where there is no such online service to perform this job? One common case is...
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Auto tracking your time with ControlPlane + Toggl

So, do you want to track the time you spend in some tasks, but always forget to start the time tracking? I love to used to time tracking and a few days ago I discovered another amazing app to OSX: ControlPlane. ControlPlane, in few words, is an app that...
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Getting your code documentation at runtime

In some situations, like generate a live console for a web api or generate code using T4 template we need a way to read the code documentation at runtime. Some time ago I’ve faced that situation again and I thought: “Should be an easy way to read this code documentation!”....
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Improving your debug with DebuggerDisplay

There is an amazing and easy to use custom attribute on .NET Framework stack that I rarely see in use. It helps and improve the way you can debug your code and you just need a line of code to use it: DebuggerDisplay. Maybe you’ve used it a lot and...
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Using sensitive data on your Travis CI build

You have programmed an amazing functional tests to validate your infrastructure service that connect on Google Docs. These functional tests run perfect well on your development machine and now you want to run them on Travis CI, but how to do this without reveal your Google’s username and password worldwide? Travis...
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