Buildron 2.0.0-RC1 - Mods support

After some months of hard work I finally released the Buildron mods support.

This Buildron 2.0.0-RC1 represents a great change in Buildron code structure, because we built a mods support that allow any developer add his own mods to Buildron.

Hope to see you building some mods to Buildron. We’re curious about what crazy mods ideas you could have ;).

We really appreciate your opinion about the mods support, documentation, tutorial and ModSdk. Please, get in touch at @ogiacomelli.

post image

BuildMod running inside Buildron.ModSdk simulator


The classic visual and behavior that you already know at Buildron was moved to mods too, you can see them at Buildron Classic Mods repository.

The full list of mods is available here: Mods list

I wanna build a mod

If you want to build a mod, take a look on this Getting started and this Tutorial creating a mod that teach how build Buildron’s mod.

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