On June 14th I released my newest solo game called “NO MORE ROOM IN HELL”. You can download it for Windows, MacOS, Linux or play directly on browser from its page: What is it? A 2D top-down survival shooter game where you will be a rookie soldier in...
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Puzzimals on

Now you can play my game Puzzimals directly in the browser through What is Puzzimals? Don’t let the cute look or super fun animations fool you, Puzzimals is a cube-matching game challenging you to match identical tiles in 100 levels of thought-provoking puzzles in a world map. Packed...
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Introduction If you already worked in a project where the data access solution wore SQL commands, instead of some ORM solution, you probably saw some SQL commands inserted directly inside the C# code. I worked in projects with that approach too, but I saw a great problem with that: We...
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Unity 2020.2: What's new

Unity 2020.2 The Unity 2020.2 was official release on December 15, 2020 with a lot of fixes, API changes, changes, improvements and features. You can find the new features directly on the Unity manual accessing this search: newin20202. To read all items, access the complete release notes. Stats Fixes: 828...
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unitytips: Indices

Unity started to supporting C# 8.0 with version 2020.2 beta and now we can start to use some new features like the Indices. Introduction Indices provide a succinct syntax for accessing single elements in array/collection. Consider the array below: The 0 index is the same as sequence[0]. The ^0 index...
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unitytips: Editor internal menus

Unity Editor has a kind of an easter-egg where you can enable internal menus, like Project / Save As Template, Screenshots, etc. Unity Editor internal menus Enabling internal menus To enable those menus, go to Help / About Unity, then type internal, after that, you will see some new menus...
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unitytips: Tuple Patterns

Unity started to supporting C# 8.0 with version 2020.2 beta and now we can start to use some new features like the Tuple Patterns. Introduction Some algorithms depend on multiple inputs. Tuple patterns allow you to switch based on multiple values expressed as a tuple. The tuples provides concise syntax...
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