HarSharp 2.0.0. - .NET Core

The HTTP Archive (HAR) format as defined in the W3C Specification is an archival format for HTTP transactions that can be used by a web browser to export detailed performance data about web pages it loads. HarSharp is a small and easy-to-use library to parse HAR files to .NET objects...
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unitytips: String interpolation

Since C# 6.0 you can use String interpolation to make code more readable: The sample lines will result in the same string The $ special character identifies a string literal as an interpolated string. String interpolation provides a more readable and convenient syntax to create formatted strings than a string...
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unitytips: Expression body definition

When you have a single line method, you can use expression body definition do simplify and reduce the lines of code: Expression body definitions for methods and read-only properties are supported starting with C# 6. Expression body definitions for constructors, finalizers, property accessors, and indexers are supported starting with C#...
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Unity Toasty Notification

Last saturday I created the ToastyNotification package, a fun editor log interceptor that play Mortal Kombat’s Toasty easter-egg every time an error is logged. Setup Just install the ToastyNotification.package from the repository release page. Now every time your game raise an error on Unity’s editor console log, the Toasty Notifcation...
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