HarSharp 2.0.0. - .NET Core

The HTTP Archive (HAR) format as defined in the W3C Specification is an archival format for HTTP transactions that can be used by a web browser to export detailed performance data about web pages it loads. HarSharp is a small and easy-to-use library to parse HAR files to .NET objects...
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unitytips: String interpolation

Since C# 6.0 you can use String interpolation to make code more readable: The sample lines will result in the same string The $ special character identifies a string literal as an interpolated string. String interpolation provides a more readable and convenient syntax to create formatted strings than a string...
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unitytips: Expression body definition

When you have a single line method, you can use expression body definition do simplify and reduce the lines of code: Expression body definitions for methods and read-only properties are supported starting with C# 6. Expression body definitions for constructors, finalizers, property accessors, and indexers are supported starting with C#...
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