ARC-8: devlog #2 - Blazor

Some years ago I coded a CHIP-8 emulator in C# just for fun, that emulator was hibernating in a private repository that I never released. Some days ago I started to working on it again with the idea to release it running on Blazor and as a Unity asset where...
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Unity Game Growth Program: Tips & Tricks

In this post, I will list some tips and tricks that I learned while applying my game Puzzimals to the Unity Game Growth Program. Introduction Unity has recently launch the Unity Game Growth Program an accelerator program for free-to-play indie iOS/Android games made with Unity. Game Growth is a new...
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unitytips: Sprites Collection

Sometimes we have related sprites that can be used in a prefab, like sprites for the environment, props, and scenario. Would be cool if we can easily swap them directly on the prefab without need to find and set the sprite directly in the SpriteRenderer component? SpritesCollection component I created...
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unitytips: Editor Coroutines

Recently, I was doing a small experiment trying to run an CHIP-8 emulator inside the Unity Editor inspector window and for that I needed to update from times to time the inspector. Initially I tried to use EditorApplication.update, but as it is only called when something changes in the inspector,...
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