unitytips: Scene Selection Toolbar

Using Unity Toolbar Extender by Marijn Zwemmer’s and Ondrej Petrzilka’s you can easily add buttons side by side of play/pause/step buttons on the Unity editor toolbar.

Scene Selection Toolbar

I created a gist, called Scene Selection Toolbar, that uses the Unity Toolbar Extender and allows us to have a dropdown with the most used scenes right on the side of the Play button.


  • Import the Unity Toolbar Extender as described in the Import section on GitHub.
  • Then, just add it the gist below to any Editor folder of your project or use the Gist Importer.

Adding, removing, and opening scenes

  • Add the current scene to the list: with any scene opened, you can click on the + button to add it to the scenes dropdown.
  • Remove the current scene from the list: just click the - button to remove the current scene from the list.
  • Open a scene from the list: select any scene in the dropdown to open that scene on the editor.
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