unitytips: Editor Coroutines

Recently, I was doing a small experiment trying to run an CHIP-8 emulator inside the Unity Editor inspector window and for that I needed to update from times to time the inspector. Initially I tried to use EditorApplication.update, but as it is only called when something changes in the inspector,...
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unitytips: Focused Inspector

Starting in Unity 2020.1, you can add a dedicated inspector window for a specific GameObject, Component, or Asset. It always displays the properties of the item you opened it for, even if you select something else in the editor. To activate a Focused Inspector, select an item (GameObject, Component, or...
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Unity 2020.1: What's new

Unity 2020.1 The Unity 2020.1 was official release on July 23, 2020 with a lot of fixes, API changes, changes, improvements and features. You can find the new features directly on the Unity manual accessing this search: newin20201. To read all items, access the complete release notes. Stats Fixes: 805...
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Puzzimals: Open beta

After 4 months of work, I am finally starting the open beta of Puzzimals: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.diegogiacomelli.puzzimals Cute, but challenging! Don’t let the cute look or super fun animations fool you, Puzzimals is a cube-matching game challenging you to match identical tiles in 100 levels of thought-provoking puzzles in a world map....
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unitytips: SettingsProvider

You can add a custom section to Project Settings window that allows you to configure some global settings for your project using a SettingsProvider Setup You can easily import this gist directly into your Unity 3D project using the Gist Importer
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