Gamedev Utility Belt: Unity Native Share Plugin

I decided to start a series of posts about some game development resources that are part of my gamedev utility belt and that helps me on my game projects.

For this first post, the chosen one is the Unity Native Share Plugin by Süleyman Yasir KULA that I used on my latest mobile game Puzzimals.


Unity Native Share Plugin is:

A Unity plugin to natively share files (images, videos, documents, etc.) and/or plain text on Android & iOS.

When you use this plugin on the Android and iOS project you will be able to invoke the native share of the target operating system. For example, here is the result when I used it on Android:

post image


You can follow the instructions on the plugin GitHub repository: to install it:

  • Using .unitypackage
  • Cloning the repository
  • Via Asset Store
  • Via Package Manager
  • Using the OpenUPM


The plugin is quite simple to be used, there is an example code on its repository that show how you can use it with few lines of code.

Some time ago I made the gist below that uses the Unity Native Share Plugin to add a social share component to any game object:

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