Scientific papers using GeneticSharp (september 2022)

In September 2022 I discovered (TBH, Google Scholar notified me) that five new scientific papers using GeneticSharp have been developed. Below you can appreciate them: An Application-Oriented Cyber-Physical Production Optimisation System Architecture for the Steel Industry Abstract: The new generation of steelworks shaped by Industry 4.0 are digitized, networked, flexible...
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GeneticSharp v3.0.0 - .NET 6

I’ve just released the GeneticSharp version 3.0.0. .NET 6 With version 3.0.0, GeneticSharp now supports .NET 6. Performance improvements The performance of many operations has been improved just for use .NET 6: Chromosomes Crossovers Task executors Mutations Randomizations Reinsertions Selections Terminations More about performance: Streamlining namespaces To avoid the...
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Free eBooks by Unity

Throughout all these years using Unity I’ve collected a lot of eBooks that Unity’s team has created. These ebooks are an incredible source of knowledge, but for some reason, I haven’t found any place on the Unity site or blog where all these eBooks are listed. Thereupon, I created this...
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On June 14th I released my newest solo game called “NO MORE ROOM IN HELL”. You can download it for Windows, MacOS, Linux or play directly on browser from its page: What is it? A 2D top-down survival shooter game where you will be a rookie soldier in...
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Puzzimals on

Now you can play my game Puzzimals directly in the browser through What is Puzzimals? Don’t let the cute look or super fun animations fool you, Puzzimals is a cube-matching game challenging you to match identical tiles in 100 levels of thought-provoking puzzles in a world map. Packed...
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