Trijam 240 entry: Heat or Freeze

Last weekend I participated in Trijam #240.

Trijam is a weekly game jam where your goal is to make something playable (and fun!) in just 3 hours.

The theme

The theme for this game jam was “Hot and cold”.

This was the second Trijam that I participated with purpose to test my small game engine: Blazorame.

This time I kinda like the game jam theme and I ended up created I simple shooter where you need to use the right gun against each kind of enemy.

The final result is: Heat or Freeze.

You are the ship’s pilot and must survive waves of enemies as much as possible. You have two types of enemies:

  • Hot enemies: can be killed by the Cold Cannon (right)
  • Cold enemies: can be killed by the Hot Cannon (left)

If you hit the enemy with the wrong cannon, the enemy will become stronger, greater, and faster.

How to play

The game can be played directly on the browser here:

  • A: move the ship to left
  • D: move the ship to right
  • LEFT ARROW: fire the Hot Cannon
  • RIGHT ARROW: fire the Cold Cannon

How to vote

If you liked the game, you can cast a vote for the game jam here:

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