Trijam 243 entry: The Cursed Idol

Last weekend I participated in Trijam #243.

Trijam is a weekly game jam where your goal is to make something playable (and fun!) in just 3 hours.

The theme

The theme for this game jam was “Cursed Relics”.

This was the third Trijam that I participated with purpose to test my small game engine: Blazorame.

This quick-time event game is based on the famous Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark scene where Indy needs to swap a bag with the Golden Idol to try not to activate the temple traps (we all know how it turns out).

The game’s objective is to hit any key at the exact moment that Indy should swap the items.

You can try to collect as many Cursed Idols as you want, but if you miss the right moment you will lose them all and will be cursed.

The final result is: The Cursed Idol.

How to play

The game can be played directly on the browser here:

How to vote

If you liked the game, you can cast a vote for the game jam here:

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