Trijam 239 entry: I need a medic - crossword

Last weekend I participated in Trijam #239.

Trijam is a weekly game jam where your goal is to make something playable (and fun!) in just 3 hours.

The theme

The theme for this game jam was “I need a medic!”.

This was the second Trijam that I participated and it had a different purpose for me, because I wanted to test a small game engine that I I’ve been building from scratch, the idea of this game engine is to develop browser-playable games that look like games from Atari 2600 or Gameboy, for instance: it has a limited palette with just 4 colors like the classic Gameboy had. This game engine is entirely built in C# using Blazor. The games built with it are Blazor WebAssembly apps.

The name of this small game engine is Blazorame.

As I didn’t like much this Trijam theme, I ended up just creating a kinda of crossword game, even so This helped to understand the next steps needed to improve the Blazorame.

How to play

The game can be played directly on the browser here:

  • SPACE: to use the current selected letter.

How to vote

If you liked the game, you can cast a vote for the game jam here:

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