Trijam 154 entry: Who Kills Who?

Last weekend I participated in Trijam #154.

Trijam is a weekly game jam where your goal is to make something playable (and fun!) in just 3 hours.

The theme

The theme for this game jam was “There is a twist…!”.

When you have just 3 hours to make a game, even a simple one, you will need to thinking about the idea and plan a lot before start. Besides, the theme “There is a twist…!” was a challenge one, at least to me. I took some time to realize a idea to develop.

The final result is an Atari 2600 kind of game: Who Kills Who?

post image

  • There are 3 different elements in the screen: Red, Green and Blue.
  • In the start Red kills Green, Green kills Blue and Blue kills Red.
  • The player can make a twist (here came the theme) and change Who Kills Who, making Blue kills Green, Green Kills Red and Red kills Blue.

How to play

The game can be played directly on the browser here:

  • ENTER: to make a twist in Who Kills Who.
  • SPACE: in the end screen to try again.

How to vote

If you liked the game, you can cast a vote for the game jam here:

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