GeneticSharp 2.6.0 - Blazor template

The GeneticSharp 2.6.0 is out.

Blazor template

Now we have 4 dotnet new templates, besides the GeneticSharpConsoleApp, GeneticSharpTspConsoleApp and GeneticSharpTspUnity3d already existent, a new template for a Blazor client app was added: GeneticSharpTspBlazorApp:

dotnet new -i GeneticSharp.Templates
dotnet new GeneticSharpTspBlazorApp -o TspBlazorApp
cd TspBlazorApp
dotnet run
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If you want to know more about how to use GeneticSharp with Blazor, take a look in this tutorial TSP with GeneticSharp and Blazor.

New papers and projects using GeneticSharp

Four papers and one project were added to the list:

How to install the new version

.NET Standard 2.0

Only GeneticSharp:

install-package GeneticSharp

GeneticSharp and extensions (TSP, AutoConfig, Bitmap equality, Equality equation, Equation solver, Function builder, etc):

install-package GeneticSharp.Extensions


You should use the UnityNuGet to install GeneticSharp directly from NuGet.

Or you can use the latest GeneticSharp.unitypackage available on our release page.

Let’s evolve!

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