Kenney Jam 2020 entry: Curseings

Last weekend I participated in Kenney Jam 2020 (my first game jam). The experience was really good, when you have so strong boundaries to make a game, in this case, 48 hours and just use assets from Kenney, you need to turn your way of think and expectations to a very specific and clear objective: release a fun and playable game the target just the core mechanics.

The theme

The theme for this game jam was “Cursed”. I took some time thinking about what game I would like to play and develop with such a theme, then I remembered how much I loved to play Lemmings and how those little ones were cursed to live in the small world where some of them should sacrifice for the others.

With this in mind, I started developing the game and things happened very well and I delivered my entry right on time. I had the finished version some hours before, but I took some time to review it.

The final result is a simple game that takes the Lemmings core mechanic and adds some twist: in Curseings, there are two kinds of walkers: the human and the cursed and you need to take each kind to different portals. If a cursed touch a human, that human becomes a cursed one too. The gamer will need to use this new mechanic to overcome some levels, sometimes the player will need to avoid they touch each other, sometimes don’t.

How to play

The game can be download for Windows and Mac here:

  • Just drag a behavior from the toolbar over a correspond walker to change his behavior.
  • The objective of each level is to help the expected number of people and cursed to reach each portal.
  • When a cursed touches a person, the person morphs into a cursed.
  • Drag an item from the toolbar over a person or cursed to change its behavior.

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How to vote

If you liked the game, you can cast a vote for the game jam here:

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