Sending a Slackbot message from Unity3d

I was looking for a way to send a message to a Slack channel using the Slackbot API.


This is a pretty easy task to perform in C#, because there are some great client libraries implementations to the Slack API, like: SlackApi, MargieBot and SlackConnector. However, in the Unity3d world the story is a little different, because Unity3d uses an older .NET version and those mentioned client libraries are implemented using newer .NET framework versions that are incompatible with Unity3d.

I could have tried to compile those client libraries projects using a older .NET version, what I really tried to do, but almost all are using things like Task and async, that are really not supported by Unity3d .NET version right now.

Then I decided to try a very raw solution using the Unity3d WWWForm and it worked well, very simple, but can be useful to someone. The result is the code bellow:

post image


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