Unity and Game Development links (Aug 5th 2019)

  • Phi Dinh remembered a Twitter moment with tips and tutorials about the shaders used on Recompile. (Recompile Unity Tips and Tutorials).

  • Thomas Krogh-Jacobsen wrote a blog post about Unity 2019.2 release. This version has more than 170 new features. (Here’s what’s in the brand-new Unity 2019.2).

    Screen.cutouts for iOS/Android, Burst Compiler updates, TypeCache API in Editor code, PhysX Cloth Solver update, DSPGraph audio mixing/rendering engine, Intel® VTune™ Amplifier support, IDE support moving to packages, .NET 4.x is now default and Incremental Garbage Collection.

  • Sykoo made a video about Unity 2019.2 features too (Unity 2019.2 is now available!).
  • Eduardo Oriz and Mike Geig wrote a blog post about how to set up your Unity project for retro 16-bit games (2D Pixel Perfect: How to set up your Unity project for retro 16-bit games).

    In our first 2D Pixel Perfect guide for retro games, we showed you how to set up the 2D Pixel Perfect tool and how 8-bit graphics were made back in the day. In this post, we fast-forward to the 16-bit era. With the help of Mega Cat Studios, you’ll learn how to create authentic art for Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive) and Super NES-style games using Unity settings, graphics structures, and color palettes

  • Unity released the ML-Agents Beta 0.9.0 (ML-Agents Beta 0.9.0)

    Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning, pre-training for the PPO trainer, training generalized reinforcement learning agents, options for Nature and ResNet CNN architectures.

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