Unity and Game Development links (July 15th 2019)

  • Alexander Ameye made a tutorial about edge detection shaders with Shader Graph and how to use some Lightweight Rendering Pipeline customization to generate DepthNormals (Edge Detection Shader).

  • Cyan made a blog post about Render Textures and how to read them in a C# script (Render Textures).

    Render Textures are stored and handled on the GPU, which means we can’t access the data from them in a C# script which runs on the CPU – and you shouldn’t really need to for most effects. However, I wanted my player to be able to interact with water which was based on a Render Texture and only spawn particles if the player was in the water, along with some other effects.

  • Frank Manley wrote about the Unity Hackweek 2019 (Unity Hackweek 2019: Tackling hard problems, building team skills).

    What happens when you put 700+ people from Unity and our ecosystem in a secluded location once a year and tell them to solve hard tech, coding, and process problems? Their instructions? Unleash your creativity, collaborate like crazy, and embrace diverse perspectives.

  • Tracy Joseph and Brittany Edmond, wrote a blog post about their experience on Cannes Lions 2019 (Cannes Lions 2019: Celebrating creativity, innovation & storytelling).

    This year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Unity showed up as the leading real-time 3D creation platform.

  • Garrexus made a breakdown on the Screen space Cosmic shader (Screen space Cosmic shader breakdown (Unity/ASE, Shaders/Textures included)).

  • Alexander Ameye again, now with a tutorial about collision effect (Collision Effect).

  • Tenzin W. and Eduardo Oriz, wrote about the results of the latest Asset Store challenge (The Winners! Inside the Vault: 3D Environment Art Contest).

    A number of judges evaluated all of the impressive submissions to pick the winners of the latest Asset Store challenge: Use Substance Painter to texture stunning assets that expand the futuristic world of Buried Memories: Yggdrasil.

  • Anis Benyoub made a speech about ray tracing hardware acceleration (Anis Benyoub - Leveraging Ray Tracing Hardware Acceleration In The Unity Game Engine).

    Ray tracing hardware acceleration (RTX) is a newly available feature that allows graphics developers to increase their image quality. While solving complex problems, properly integrating this new set of APIs (DXR and Vulkan ray tracing) in a game engine is tricky, especially so when the engine supports anything from mobile to virtual production.

  • Brackeys published a video about gamepad input (CONTROLLER INPUT in Unity!).

  • Sykoo made a video showing how to make terrains (How to make Terrains with Unity 2019! (Tutorial)).
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