Unity and Game Development links (July 8th 2019)

  • Sykoo released a YouTube video about the new Unity Terrain Tools package (Build Beautiful Terrains with Unity 2019! – New Terrain Tools Package).

  • Stacey Haffner made a blog post about the new experience for Collaborate that they are designing, like new UI and Git command-line support (Collaborate Developer Diary #1: Exploring the New Design).

    Based on a set of guiding principles focused on delivering value to teams with diverse skill sets, we are designing a brand new experience for Collaborate.

  • Matthew Crosby released the Animal-AI Olympics, a AI competition with $32,000 in prizes. (Animal-AI Olympics now released into the wild!).

    The Animal-AI Olympics is an AI competition with tests inspired by animal cognition. Participants are given a small environment with just seven different classes of objects that can be placed inside. In each test, the agent needs to retrieve the food in the environment, but to do so there are obstacles to overcome, ramps to climb, boxes to push, and areas that must be avoided.

  • Unity published the IAP Playbook: 12 strategies to help you monetize your game (The IAP playbook).

    In-app purchases are an important part of your monetization strategy, but implementing them correctly can be challenging. Understanding how to create, surface, and optimize them without disrupting the game experience takes hard work.

  • Sykoo published a YouTube video about how to make NPCs for your games (How to Make AWESOME NPCs for Your Game!).

  • Brackeys made a video about how to add physics to ragdolls in Unity (RAGDOLL PHYSICS in Unity!).

  • Pierre Bosset interviewed Mirko Vescio about how to use Substance and Unity combined for realistic architectural visualization (Creating Realistic Archviz Experiences by Oneiros using Unity).

    It is important not to forget that one advantage of using Unity in architectural visualization is that you can get different types of output from the same scene. For example, it is possible to make a video in cinematic mode, as well as in virtual reality mode.

  • Alexandre Mutel released the the first preview version of UnityNuGet providing a service to install NuGet packages into an Unity project via the Unity Package Manager (UnityNuGet).

  • Sykoo made another video, this time about realistic lighting in Unity (REALISTIC LIGHTING in Unity! (Tutorial)).
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