Unity and Game Development links (June 17th 2019)

  • Sebastian Lague made an ecosystem simulation with foxes and rabbits in Unity3d (Coding Adventure: Simulating an Ecosystem).

  • Marius Horga wrote an overview about Metal 3 (Introducing Metal 3).

    Metal 3 was announced last week at WWDC 2019. Apple presented it along with relevant numbers:

    • Metal can now make 100 times more draw calls than OpenGL.
    • Metal runs on roughly 1.4 billion devices currently.
    • Metal can drive up to 56 TFLOPS of single precision.
  • Mike Wuetherick, Head of Tech for Unity’s Innovation Group, posted about “Sherman”, the new short film made in real-time using Unity (Introducing Sherman (Part 1) – a Unity project featuring Real time fur, HDRP and Visual FX Graph for animators).

    Created by the Emmy-winning team that brought you Baymax Dreams, Sherman is a new real time Unity short that delivers the most advanced real time fur ever!

  • Brandi House posted a guidance to transition the games between UNet and the new connected games stack (Navigating Unity’s multiplayer Netcode transition).

    As many of you know, we put UNet into maintenance mode because we believe there is a better way forward with our new connected games stack

  • War Robots case study shows how Pixonic used Unity to lift up their revenue from War Robots without negatively impacting user experience (Pixonic - War Robots case study).

    How do you find new revenue opportunities in a free-to-play game that’s been going strong for over five years? Moscow-based Pixonic, a Top 100-grossing game developer in the CIS, has driven War Robots’ monthly players’ spending to over $5M.

  • Keijiro Takahashi, an Unity evangelist, released the first version of MidiAnimationTrack that imports .mid files into Unity Timeline. It allows creating musically synchronized animation (MIDI Animation Track).

    Is a custom timeline/playables package that provides functionality to control object properties based on sequence data contained in a standard MIDI file

  • Sykoo made a new video about his 5 favorite assets from Unity Asset Store (5 AMAZING ASSETS for Unity 2019).

  • Brackeys released a video about new 2D renderer in Unity (2D Lights in Unity!).
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