Why we should avoid DateTime.UtcNow inside a Linq to Entities query?

Because we can get unexpected results! (after read this tip, will be expected results ;))

What is the diference between these two Linq queries?

Query 1

var filterDate = DateTime.UtcNow;
ctx.Set.Where(m => m.DateTime > filterDate);

Query 2

ctx.Set.Where(m => m.DateTime > DateTime.UtcNow);

The first one will generate a SQL with WHERE clause like this:

DateTime > @p__linq__1

Where @p__linq__1 is the value of our filterDate variable.

The second one will generate this WHERE clause:

DateTime > SysUtcDateTime()

What is the problem?

Imagine that we’re using the second query inside some sync algorithm in our C# code, this algorithm is very sensitive about time, now imagine that the server where our C# code is running has a difference about seconds or minutes with the database server?



Linq to Entities is very smart and it is able to translate our DateTime.Now or DateTime.UtcNow to a matching command on database side.

The important here is: we should remember that it can do this and we should use features like these with parsimony.

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