unitytips: Social Share

Using Süleyman Yasir KULA Unity Native Share Plugin you can easily add native share to your Android/iOS games. I made the gist below that uses the plugin to add a social share component to any game object. Code You can easily import this gist directly into your Unity 3D project...
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unitytips: Dynamic Log

You can create a simple logging component to record logs from any UnityEvent and configure them directly in the editor: Code You can easily import this gist directly into your Unity 3D project using the Gist Importer
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Unity Toasty Notification

Last saturday I created the ToastyNotification package, a fun editor log interceptor that play Mortal Kombat’s Toasty easter-egg every time an error is logged. Setup Just install the ToastyNotification.package from the repository release page. Now every time your game raise an error on Unity’s editor console log, the Toasty Notifcation...
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unitytips: Scene Preview Window

I created this window that extends the Unity 3D editor so you can preview the scenes by selecting them in the project window. Usage As can be seen from the video above the extension can be used in two ways after adding the Scene Preview window to the editor (via...
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