unitytips: Scene Selection Toolbar

Using Unity Toolbar Extender by Marijn Zwemmer’s and Ondrej Petrzilka’s you can easily add buttons side by side of play/pause/step buttons on the Unity editor toolbar. Scene Selection Toolbar I created a gist, called Scene Selection Toolbar, that uses the Unity Toolbar Extender and allows us to have a dropdown...
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unitytips: Sprites Collection

Sometimes we have related sprites that can be used in a prefab, like sprites for the environment, props, and scenario. Would be cool if we can easily swap them directly on the prefab without need to find and set the sprite directly in the SpriteRenderer component? SpritesCollection component I created...
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unitytips: Editor Coroutines

Recently, I was doing a small experiment trying to run an CHIP-8 emulator inside the Unity Editor inspector window and for that I needed to update from times to time the inspector. Initially I tried to use EditorApplication.update, but as it is only called when something changes in the inspector,...
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unitytips: Focused Inspector

Starting in Unity 2020.1, you can add a dedicated inspector window for a specific GameObject, Component, or Asset. It always displays the properties of the item you opened it for, even if you select something else in the editor. To activate a Focused Inspector, select an item (GameObject, Component, or...
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unitytips: SettingsProvider

You can add a custom section to Project Settings window that allows you to configure some global settings for your project using a SettingsProvider Setup You can easily import this gist directly into your Unity 3D project using the Gist Importer
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