Buildron SlackBotMod

Buildron is a build radiator to help software development teams to see the current status of their continous integration server and Slack is the omnipresent communication app for almost every developer in the world. For these reasons, I made a mod called Buildron.SlackBotMod that let you interact with Buildron through...
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I present to you my newest tool… jumpstart is a command-line tool to create new C# projects from prebuilt/templates. As an experienced developers it’s very common we have some kind of template solution when we start a new project. Maybe it’s the latest project we work on, maybe it’s a...
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Buildron 2.0.0-RC1 - Mods support

After some months of hard work I finally released the Buildron mods support. This Buildron 2.0.0-RC1 represents a great change in Buildron code structure, because we built a mods support that allow any developer add his own mods to Buildron. Hope to see you building some mods to Buildron. We’re...
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Looking in some backups I found one of my first games. I made it about 14 years ago: a Nibble in 461 lines of C. I push the source code and binary files to a GitHub repository:
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