GeneticSharp 2.6.0 - Blazor template

The GeneticSharp 2.6.0 is out. Blazor template Now we have 4 dotnet new templates, besides the GeneticSharpConsoleApp, GeneticSharpTspConsoleApp and GeneticSharpTspUnity3d already existent, a new template for a Blazor client app was added: GeneticSharpTspBlazorApp: dotnet new -i GeneticSharp.Templates dotnet new GeneticSharpTspBlazorApp -o TspBlazorApp cd TspBlazorApp dotnet run If you want to...
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unitytips Museum

I recently started studying Blazor and last weekend I created this simple app that I called: #unitytips Museum, a collection of best #unitytips. You can access it directly in my site, in this url: The #unitytips collection Every week all #unitytips retweeted by @unity3d will be included to the...
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dotnet new templates for GeneticSharp

Now GeneticSharp has a NuGet package called GeneticSharp.Templates, this package allows you to install GeneticSharp templates using the dotnet new command. Installing the GeneticSharp.Templates Before you can use the dotnet new command to create the GeneticSharp projects from templates, you need to install it on your machine: dotnet new -i...
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