GeneticSharp v2.2.0 - Sudoku sample

The GeneticSharp v2.2.0 is out. The additions of this version are the new whole sample and extensions showing how to use GeneticSharp to solve a Sudoku. The GeneticSharp.Extensions project receive those new features: Multiple MultipleChromosome Compound chromosome to artificially increase genetics diversity by evolving a list of chromosomes instead of...
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GeneticSharp v2.1.0

The GeneticSharp v2.1.0 is out. Features Add constructor with values to FloatingPointChromosome #33 As it is now whenever you create an instance of FloatingPointChromosome, it will randomly create gene values. I have a case where I need to stop optimization at some time, save results to DB and resume it...
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GeneticSharp - Unity3d sample

I just pushed to GeneticSharp master branch the GeneticSharp.Runners.UnityApp. In this Unity3d project there are 3 samples: Car2D Based on famous BoxCar2D, this sample uses a genetic algorithm to create car designs to overcome road challenges, like gaps, hills, and obstacles. A post explaining this sample in detail will be...
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GeneticSharp v2.0.0 - .NET Core

The GeneticSharp v2.0.0 is out with support to .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.6.2. Introduction In march GenetichSharp start to support .NET Standard 2.0 in the 2.0.0-rc version. Two months have pass and in the meanwhile the community have time to test that release candidate version and now Unity3D...
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GeneticSharp v1.2.0 - Sequence mutations

The GeneticSharp v1.2.0 is out. The additions of this version are the new sequence mutation operators: Displacement, InsertionMutation and Partial Shuffle (PSM). Displacement Mutation: a substring is randomly selected from chromosome, is removed, then replaced at a randomly selected position. Insertion Mutation: a gene is randomly selected from chromosome, is...
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GeneticSharp v1.1.0 - Binary chromosomes

The GeneticSharp v1.1.0 is out. The greatest additions of this version are the binary chromosomes: FloatingPointChromosome and IntegerChromosome. Binary chromosomes can be directly used when your solution chromosome can be represented as numbers or a string representation of 0 and 1. A new sample has been added to the GeneticSharp.Runner.GtkApp,...
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Buildron 2.0.0

After some months to test the v2.0.0-RC1 we are releasing the final version of Buildron mods support with this 2.0.0 version. Mods supports represents a great change in Buildron code structure, because we built a mods support that allow any developer add his own mods to Buildron. Mods available The...
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