dotnet new templates for GeneticSharp

Now GeneticSharp has a NuGet package called GeneticSharp.Templates, this package allows you to install GeneticSharp templates using the dotnet new command. Installing the GeneticSharp.Templates Before you can use the dotnet new command to create the GeneticSharp projects from templates, you need to install it on your machine: dotnet new -i...
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GeneticSharp v2.2.0 - Sudoku sample

The GeneticSharp v2.2.0 is out. The additions of this version are the new whole sample and extensions showing how to use GeneticSharp to solve a Sudoku. The GeneticSharp.Extensions project receive those new features: Multiple MultipleChromosome Compound chromosome to artificially increase genetics diversity by evolving a list of chromosomes instead of...
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GeneticSharp v2.1.0

The GeneticSharp v2.1.0 is out. Features Add constructor with values to FloatingPointChromosome #33 As it is now whenever you create an instance of FloatingPointChromosome, it will randomly create gene values. I have a case where I need to stop optimization at some time, save results to DB and resume it...
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